Weekly Wyoming Round Up 2017.04.18

A special thank you to Wyoming Democratic Party Executive Director, Aimee Van Cleave for putting this information together


Good morning Wyoming Democrats! Back by popular demand- your weekly news roundup! 

On Mondays we'll be sending some notable news that impact Wyoming Democrats from the last week. 

Wyoming Democrats Elect New Leader

After a year of turmoil, the Wyoming Democratic Party has elected a new chairman. Former State Representative Joe Barbuto will replace Ana Cupril. 


Wyoming officials appear to retreat from fed land transfer movement

Leaders in the Cowboy State appear to be no longer interested in wresting public lands away from the federal government, with the Wyoming Senate president saying he doesn’t anticipate any major legislation aimed at securing state ownership next year.


Race to the top: Potential candidates dip toes into Governor's race

Wyoming made international headlines last year when an investigation revealed it was a haven for offshore money.


STDs on the rise in Wyoming

According to the Wyoming Department of Health, cases of gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are on the rise.


Wyoming recieves up to $2M to retain coal workers

Wyoming has received up to $2 million to retrain workers affected by layoffs in the coal industry.


Is Wyoming the Most Feminist State Ever?

Women are dominating everything from the liquor industry to the rodeo, and hope other female travelers will head West to join them.


New justice has deep roots in Wyoming

Newly confirmed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch hails from a family with deep ties to Wyoming and the West.


Georgia Democrats See Chance to Send a Message with Special Election Upset

Democrats in Georgia's 6th District aren't exactly used to the fact that they might actually win something.