The Teton County Democratic Party is committed to supporting progressive policies that cater to the unique needs, beliefs and way of life of Wyoming citizens. 


  • We believe in economic sustainability and growth on Wyoming’s terms

  • We believe families, schools, communities and the state share the responsibility for providing a high-quality public education in a productive and safe working and learning environment.

  • We believe in sound scientific research and in environmental responsibility at the local, state, national and global levels.

  • We believe that preventive care and education should be the foundation of any healthcare system.

  • We believe that strength coupled with reason and integrity is the key to restoring America’s standing within the international community.

  • We believe that the government should not interfere in citizens’ private lives.

  • We believe in supporting Wyoming workers.

  • We believe that public lands belong in public hands.



Chair: Marylee White
Vice Chair: John Goodwin
Treasurer: Abbie Stanford
Secretary: Patrick Chadwick

State Party Liason: Barbara Prescott
State Party Liason: Mike Yin

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Precinct Committee Officers

The County Central Committee of the Democratic Party consists of precinct committeemen and committeewomen elected in the county at the regular biennial primary election, or appointed to fill vacancies.

Each precinct shall elect one committeeman and one committeewoman for each 250 votes cast for the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the last general election, but provided that no precinct shall be entitled to less than one precinct committeeman and one committeewoman.

Precinct committeemen and committeewomen shall be Democrats registered and residing in that precinct.

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Precinct 1-1

Shirley Thomas

Mike Randall

Mike Welch

Robyn Lundsford

Precinct 1-2

Melissa Turley

Prion Bellorado

Shelby Read

Lauren Dickey

2 open seats – two males needed

Precinct 1-3

Lisa Ridgeway

1 open seat – one male needed

Precinct 1-4

Susan Scarlata

1 open seat – one male needed

Precinct 1-5

Dave Dornan

Jessica Sell Chambers

Reade Dornan

Alex Freeberg

Ragan Freeberg

Patrick Chadwick

Precinct 1-6

Kyle Burson

Lori Bowdler

Two open seats – one male, one female

Precinct 1-7

Charles (Chuck) Rhea

Smokey Rhea

Two open seats – one male, one female

Precinct 1-8

Arne Jorgensen

Geneva Chong

Two open seats – one male, one female

Precinct 1-9

Mike Yin

Mike Gierau

Paty Soaras Gierau

Precinct 1-10

Seadar Rose Davis

One open seat – one male needed

Precinct 1-11

Luther Propst

Elizabeth Storer

Precinct 2-1

Barbara Herz

Chuck Herz

Two open seats – one male, one female needed

Precinct 3-1

Penelope Maldonado

One open seat – one male needed

Precinct 4-1


Mark Sullivan

Marylee White

Charlie Thomas

Precinct 4-2

Carol Wauters

Ben Linn

Yves Douguetts

Laurie Thal

Precinct 4-3

Claire Fuller

Hank Phibbs

Leslie Peterson

Len Carlman

Precinct 4-4

John Harkness

Carol Harkness

Precinct 5-1

Travis Gay

Warren Pennick