April Meeting Agenda

Teton County Democrats

April 25, 2017

6 p.m. Meeting is Called to Order

6:05 – Review of Strategic Plan, Comments, Recommended Changes, Adoption

6:20 – Website Update – Michael Yin

6:30 – Young Dems – Shelby Read

6:40 – Fundraising Letter - Split up jobs for collecting addresses

  •  2016 Candidate Campaign Reports from Mel Shinkle – County Clerk’s Office –Andree has offered

  • 2016 State Rep. and Senate candidate reports from Secretary of State.

  • Draft Letter – Marylee (Leslie) – June 1, mailing date

6:50 – Plan morning and after-work “Coffee and Politics “ – Good Event Names Need

  • Dates & Locations

  •  Issues – six sessions/topics

  • Facilitators

7:15 – Clean-Up Week (from Marcia)

May 13, 9 a.m. Volunteers meet at Phil Baux Park, Old Wilson Schoolhouse, or Hoback Market. You need to notify Jennifer if you plan to join up, tell what area you want to clean up, and at which area you'll show up to get road assignments, trash bags, etc.  Free breakfast before working at each venue, and free lunch will be at Phil Baux afterward. We've always started off at the town park in past years, as it's the most convenient for most people. Sometimes we've had signs on our backs saying we're Teton Dems. notify j.goe@nelsonengineering.com or call 733-2087