Welcome to the new Teton Dems. 

We decided it was time for a change for the Teton County Democratic Party: we wanted a bold new visual style to match our renewed energy and commitment to tackling the the issues facing our community, our state, and our world. In order to realize that vision we partnered with a local design firm called Sharp Eye Deer to come up with a brand as dynamic as Jackson Hole itself.

Download the logo package >

Download the brand style guide >

So What's Next?

Over the next few months we will roll out our new brand across all the Teton Dems channels, materials, and merchandise. We're also making them available for anyone and everyone to use too: click these links to download the Logo Package and Style Guide. We hope you have as much fun with it as we did putting it together.

There’s hard work to be done but we’re Democrats: we always have a little fun along the way.