Weekly Wyoming Round Up 2017.04.24

A special thank you to Wyoming Democratic Party Executive Director, Aimee Van Cleave for putting this information together

State lawmakers try again to close Wyoming's marijuana edible loophole

Lawmakers, for the third consecutive year, are hoping to create a law penalizing people caught with edible marijuana.


Wyoming coal production rises from last year's slump

Wyoming coal production shot up by nearly 15 million tons in the first quarter of the year compared with 2016, when the coal industry was staggering toward the bottom of a historic bust.


Hundreds participate in Wyoming's March for Science

Several hundred people took to the streets of Laramie on Saturday afternoon to express support for science and protest potential funding cuts to national agencies by the Trump administration.


Wind energy makes up nearly 10% of all Wyoming electricity

Wind energy is responsible for 9.4% of all electricity generated in the state of Wyoming.


CAEDA to court wind turbine manufacturing industry

The Casper Area Economic Development Alliance announced Monday it will pursue manufacturers of turbines, electronics and related parts in the wind generation industry in an attempt to draw new employers to the region.


Wyoming school districts lay groundwork for lawsuits over education funding

Three of the four largest school districts in Wyoming have passed resolutions authorizing their boards to file lawsuits against the state over funding cuts.


Education funding crunch hits school activities programs

Green River schools will be cutting four sports programs and four coaching jobs beginning with the 2017-18 school year, activities director Tony Beardsley confirmed to the Star-Tribune on Wednesday.


Sen. Bouchard gets into gun flap with UW students

A state senator clashed with three students over their presentation on the threat of concealed firearms to young African-American men, and threatened to cut off funding for their professor, witnesses say.


Students say state Senator threatened to cut an academic program over a gun project

A state senator threatened to use his power to fire a University of Wyoming professor and end funding for an academic program during a recent confrontation at the Laramie school, according to two students whose concealed-carry project allegedly riled the legislator.


Bouchard Vows to "Look Into" UW Classes Following Incident

A state senator from Cheyenne is vowing to take a closer look at classes offered at the University of Wyoming following a recent encounter with a couple of students and an instructor over an academic project on guns.