Morning Buzz
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Morning Buzz

Join Dave Sollitt, Board member of WPLI for a discussion.

The Teton County Task Force of the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative (WPLI) is currently evaluating two Wilderness Study Areas; Palisades Wilderness Study Area and Shoal Creek Wilderness Study Area, as well as other public lands within Teton County that could be designated as potential wilderness or other designation. My talk will outline the current status of the process, the different interests within the task force, and the legislative environment, both in Wyoming and in Washington. - Dave Sollitt, Board member of WPLI

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January Meeting and Holiday Party
6:00 PM18:00

January Meeting and Holiday Party

This is also a great chance to hear a few Democrats speak about their upcoming elections. Those speaking are:
Gary Trauner for WY
Mike Gierau for Wyoming Legislature
Mark Newcomb for Teton County Commissioner
Don Frank for Town Council
Erin Weisman for County Attorney
Matt Carr for County Sheriff
Melissa Shinkle for Teton County Assessor

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5:30 PM17:30

JH ACTivate Alternative Town Hall


Political Art Open Mic
Part of the WY Statewide Day of Action
Open to All Concerned Constituents 

JH ACTivate is hosting an Alternative Town Hall as one event in Wyoming’s statewide day of action. You’re invited to express your concerns with comments or with an artistic twist.  The event will combine the traditional town hall forum with the spontaneity and expressive nature of an open mic or talent show.

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