Statewide and National Elections

Below is information provided by Teton County residents who are registered Democrats running for statewide and national office.

United states Senate

Gary Trauner Headshot copy.jpg

Gary Trauner

I’m running for U.S. Senate so we can return to a responsible government that puts people – not party or political contributors – first. Regardless of your party affiliation, it should be clear that Wyoming’s incumbent Senator up for re-election in 2018 has had nearly 10 years to do something – anything – to benefit Wyoming and fix a broken system. Unfortunately, we now know he puts big donors first and will never be that guy. He’s a doctor who wants to take affordable access to healthcare away from millions of hard-working Americans. He’s a politician who wants New York hedge-fund managers to pay a lower tax rate than Wyoming teachers, miners and ranchers. We need to shake things up in DC. People in Wyoming voted for that type of change in 2016 and there is no reason to stop now. After a long career in business and community service, I’m running to bring Integrity back to our federal government, and Opportunity and Community back to the people of Wyoming and the United States of America.


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Mary Throne

Mary was born and raised in Campbell County, growing up on a ranch on Wild Horse Creek. After college she spent two years volunteering in Thailand, returned to the US for law school, and then came back to Wyoming as soon as she was able.
With her husband, Kevin Boyce, she started her family in Cheyenne. Mary cares about community and became active in the Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, Rotary, and volunteering at her sons’ schools. She is a graduate of Leadership Wyoming and member of the Wyoming Business Alliance Steering Committee. In 2006, tired of politics as usual, she stepped up and ran for the Wyoming Legislature.
As a legislator, Mary worked across the aisle to build consensus in tackling the biggest problems our state faces. She is an expert in natural resource issues, which she brought to bear in forging common-sense solutions to growth and diversification in our state. Mary knows Wyoming can be more than a boom and bust state.
More than anything, Mary wants her three boys, Michael, Tarver, and Patrick, to have just as bright of future as she did. She spent years working to ensure Wyoming kids receive a first rate education, by successfully reducing standardized testing and fighting for accountability and privacy in Wyoming schools.
Mary knows Wyoming’s potential is vast. She believes today’s problems deserve better than yesterday’s thinking. And that’s why she’s running for Governor – because Wyoming matters.

State Auditor

Filing Day-Jeff Dockter.jpeg

Jeff Dockter

As auditor, I will engage students and communities to ensure everyone has access and knows how to use Wyoming’s online checkbook. Right now, Wyoming’s checkbook is not transparent. It’s not accessible. Wyoming continually receives an “F” in transparency. Moving that grade to an “A”, requires an experienced technological innovator committed to that goal. The quickest way to do this is to ask the legislature to approve funding for this challenge. If the Legislature ignores this vital need, I will partner with computer science departments at the University of Wyoming and community colleges to turn this hurdle into an open source development project. While this process will take more time, it provides an avenue where Wyoming’s students can get real-time, hands-on coding and development experience.

State Senate District 17


Mike Gierau

I served four years on the Jackson Town Council and six years as a County Commissioner. I have been the owner of Jedediah Corporation for 37 years, and have served on numerous boards and committees. These experiences have given me an overall perspective on the issues that our community faces.

Having a family has given me an even deeper appreciation for life in Teton County. Family has reaffirmed my belief in the importance of good government and civility. This is why I hope to bring common sense and our community’s values to Cheyenne.

The bedrock of this community is the environment around us. While this is a local election, in a county that is a national treasure, our local issues can - and do - affect the nation.

With the experience and deep ties I have in Teton County, I will be a strong voice for our interests in Cheyenne.

state House District 16


Mike Yin

I'm running because I love Jackson. This community has given me so much, because all of you have helped make it great and keep it beautiful. I've lived in other places, but none of them compare to Jackson. I want to make sure it can continue to be a place to raise a family, because I believe that’s the foundation of a sustainable community. I want to give back in return and have the time, energy, and dedication to bring those values of community and environment to the state house.