County Elections

Below is information provided by Teton County residents who are registered Democrats running for County wide office.


County Commissioners

Luther Propst

Luther Propst, a lawyer and land use planner, has been advancing conservation and smart growth throughout western North America since 1988. After practicing law and working for World Wildlife Fund, Luther founded the Sonoran Institute, which fosters community-based, collaborative, and innovative solutions for balancing community and conservation. He co-authored Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Communities (Island Press, 1997). Luther brings 35 years of leadership, a record of getting things done in complex settings, and a history of bringing diverse perspectives together to forge effective solutions. He has served on several national, regional and local boards, and chairs the board of the Outdoor Alliance. Luther’s priorities are to protect our wildlife, local character, and public lands; reduce sprawl and traffic congestion with modern transportation planning and improved commuter bus service; create public-private partnerships to provide housing opportunities for workers; and improve social services for our most vulnerable.

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Seadar Rose Davis

One of the gifts of being the daughter of a single mom, was that I got to spend my childhood afternoons chasing the shadow of my tireless grandfather and bearing witness to the virtues he expounded every day: be curious, be kind, be resilient.

I have carried these virtues with me since those childhood afternoons and they continue to fuel my journey. It was these virtues, coupled with the support of my family and community, that enabled me to work as tirelessly as my grandfather and put myself through college — becoming the first in my family to earn a degree. It was this drive that helped me navigate the incessant hurdles and challenges of a career as a touring musician. I have discovered that with these virtues, I have learned to thrive in the face of challenge. I look forward to serving Teton County by bringing this drive and passion to the Board of County Commissioners.

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Mark Newcomb

I'm Mark Newcomb, one of your five Teton County Commissioners. I was born in Jackson and raised outside of Wilson. My wife Allison and I have two boys. I've worked as a climbing and skiing guide, ski patroller and avalanche course instructor. For several years I was a part owner of Exum Mountain Guides. I've also been a laborer, surveyor's helper, waiter and greens keeper. I am currently self-employed as an environmental consultant.

I was a county planning commissioner for six years. I was the chair during the crucial meetings when we finalized the 2012 Comprehensive Plan and moved it forward to the commissioners.

We need clear development standards that reflect our community's Common Values: environmental stewardship, growth management and quality of life.

I value personal rights, freedoms and dignity as a baseline for working together. Our county is best served by ensuring that your pride, passion and compassion are part of every discussion.

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Sheriff, Attorney, and Assessor

County Sheriff

Matt Carr

Throughout my career with the Teton County Sheriff’s Office, which began in 1999, I have had the opportunity to work in and supervise nearly every division of the Office including detention, patrol, investigations, court security, and search and rescue. I currently work alongside Sheriff Whalen to run the overall Office. My work as the School Resource Officer has been most inspiring and allowed me to make connections with individuals in a meaningful and constructive way. My vision is to integrate this approach throughout the Teton County Sheriff’s Office. As Sheriff, I will put the community at the forefront of our decision-making process by being clear and transparent in how we communicate. I will accomplish this by conveying safety concerns and information to the public in a timely and forthright manner, while listening to our citizen’s concerns and taking action when appropriate.

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County Assessor

Melissa Shinkle.jpg

Melissa Shinkle

The role of County Assessor comes with many tough decisions, and even tougher discussions.  I am accountable not only to the State of Wyoming, but to you, my friends and neighbors.  I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because I know that there is a multitude of challenges that require experience, diligence, and a commitment to getting things right, even when other’s may think you are doing it all wrong. 

I am conscientious, and objective when applying the orders procedures and formulae mandated by the Wyoming Constitution, Statutes, and Department Rules, and I will without fear or favor assess all taxable property within the county of Teton, at its fair market value.

I am committed to educating myself, my staff, and the public regarding the duties and operations of the Teton County Assessor’s Office, and I will always look for ways to improve our process.

I am dedicated to assisting our local legislators in researching possible changes to the tax structure and the funding of programs to assist our elderly and disabled, and I will be vigilant over any proposed legislation that may increase assessment rates or decrease exemptions.   

I look forward to continuing my service, and I respectfully ask for your support in the August and November 2018 elections.

Vote Melissa “Mel” Shinkle

Conscientious.  Objective.  Committed.     

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County Attorney

Erin Weisman

Wyoming is my home.  My husband, Harv and I met in Jackson, and it's where we are raising our three kids.  I'm invested in Teton County.  I want to do all I can to keep it a safe, strong community for all of us. 

I grew up in a small town in rural Kansas.  After receiving my undergraduate degree from Emporia State University, I headed west in 1996 and never looked back.  I moved to Laramie with plans to attend the University of Wyoming College of Law.  During my third year of law school, I had the privilege of working as the student director for the legal services program, representing and working with low-income clients.  I graduated from the UW College of Law in 2000 and moved to Jackson. 

My first job out of law school was for a small Jackson law firm, representing people who had been hurt or injured.  While there I gained incredible courtroom and jury experience trying complex cases in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.  

For the last five years, I've had the privilege of working as a Deputy County Attorney.  My focus has been on civil litigation and appeals.  I work closely with the elected officials and the County's volunteer boards.


I'm currently expanding my work load to include criminal cases, involuntary hospitalizations, and juvenile matters, while maintaining my commitment to the civil division.

I believe in hard work, and I work hard.  I'm devoted to my job.  I care about our community.  I understand the important role of the County and Prosecuting Attorney.  I have the experience and the leadership skills necessary to serve Teton County.

I want to be your next elected Teton County and Prosecuting Attorney.  Let me work for you - for our community - for justice.

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