Fresh Off the Press from A Better Wyoming

Tell lawmakers to "Buck Up" for Wyoming public schools

The Wyoming State Legislature’s “Special Committee on School Finance Recalibration” is asking for comments from citizens about public education funding.

Wyoming public schools face a roughly $250 million annual budget shortfall due to decreases in mineral tax revenues. This is after the State Legislature cut $55 million from the annual budget over the past two years while refusing to raise new revenues.

Schools statewide have already eliminated 577 jobs as a result, while 44 of Wyoming’s 48 school districts have cut programs. Now, Senate President Eli Bebout wants to see an additional $200 million cut from the education budget.

It is time to tell lawmakers to stop cutting the education budget and raise new revenues for Wyoming public schools.

It’s easy:

First, visit the website for A Better Wyoming and get educated about education. Then…

1.  Click here for the Legislature’s comments form.

2.  Use the drop-down menu to select “School Finance Recalibration”

3.  Enter your identifying information

4.  Use the comments box to tell lawmakers to stop cutting education funding and raise new revenues for Wyoming public schools

5.  OPTIONAL: Before you click “Submit,” copy and past your comments in an email to “” so we can use your message to encourage others to speak up. We won’t share anything without your explicit permission.