In order to vote in Wyoming, all you have to do is show up! You can register at the polls as long as you have the identification explained below. If you want to register ahead of time that's easy too. You can also vote early or absentee. Here is all the information you will need. 

What Are The Requirements?

  • Must be 18 years or older on election day

  • Must be a citizen of the United States

  • Must be a bona fide resident of Teton County and the precinct in which you register 

  • Must withdraw voter registration from any other jurisdiction, if applicable 

  • Must not be a convicted felon or adjudicated mentally incompetent


What do I need to register? 

To register to vote in Teton County, you need to fill out the voter registration form and provide a valid ID document from the list below. You must also know your physical and mailing address in Teton County, but do not need to bring proof of residence. 

Valid ID documents

One of any of the following documents:

·      Valid driver’s license from any state (Wyoming preferred, but not required)

·      ID issued by a local, state or federal agency;

·      U.S. passport

·      school ID

·      military ID

If you do not have any one option above, you can present two of any of the following documents:

·      Certificate of US citizenship or naturalization

·      draft record

·      voter registration card from another state or county

·      original or certified copy of birth certificate bearing an official seal

·      certificate of birth abroad issued by U.S. State Department

·      any other form of ID issued by an official agency


Where can I register?

You can register in person at the Teton County Clerk's office Monday-Friday from 8 AM-5 PM or by mail. 

If registering by mail, follow these three easy steps:

1)    Fill out the voter registration form in front of a notary or registry agent. You and the notary or registry agent will need to both sign the form.

2)    Show the notary or registry agent your valid ID document  and make a copy of this ID.  

3)    Mail the signed voter registration form and copy of your valid ID to the Teton County Clerk at PO Box 1727 Jackson, WY 83001.


What is the deadline to register?

In Wyoming, we are lucky to have same day voter registration! In order to be eligible to vote on election day you can either

1) Register to vote 14 days prior to the election by mail or at the Teton County Clerk's office (needed if voting absentee).

- OR -

 2) Register to vote the day of the election at your polling place (make sure to bring your valid ID document(s).


More Questions? 

Contact the Teton County Clerk:

Phone: (307) 733-4430

Mailing Address: PO Box 1727 Jackson, WY 83001

Physical Address: 200 S. Willow St. Jackson, WY 83001